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Through coaching, I gained the tools to take a good stock of my life.  I become more mindful of my day to day processes and emotional reactions to them.  Additionally, I was able to acknowledge past processes and reactions that were holding me back.  I was able to see them for what they are, learning experiences.  I've been on the road to my true self for a while and coaching was the icing on the cake, providing me with the acknowledgement and tools I needed to move closer towards a happier and fulfilled self.  Even after our coaching sessions came to a close, I use the tools that Annie taught me on a daily basis.  When I come to a crossroads I often hear her encouraging voice reassuring me that I have the tools to make the best decisions and follow through with what is best for me.  I would highly recommend coaching with Annie for anyone who may be in a good place, but wants to take the mindfulness of life a bit further, get closer to their true self and find happiness there. ~A., Analyst for Geo Info Systems

Annie helped me tremendously during a time of my life when I was needing some clarity and direction. I was experiencing the scary and strong emotions that unemployment can cause and was feeling pretty down and out. Annie assisted me in effectively mapping out my short and long term goals, reminded me of my strengths and what I had to offer both professionally and personally, and was a continuous source of positive and honest feedback.  Annie’s compassionate nature, combined with her ability to be clear and objective was exactly what I needed during that time of uncertainty. ~K.N., Private Practice Therapist

We have used Annie Ricci Coaching as a great augmentation to our talent management approach at our company.  Many Fortune 500 companies are realizing that investing in and feeding talent is often under-leveraged – impacting productivity, retention and overall employee well –being.  In order to fully attend to employees, we must treat them as whole beings.  They have lives outside our walls that can impact their work positively and negatively.  As much as HR departments desire employees to come to them openly and "share" what is going on – complete confidentiality can't be guaranteed.  Often, the solution to an employee's challenge is deeper than what the company can solve at the surface level.  Annie at Annie Ricci Coach has coached 5 key employees across our organization on specific issues – work-life balance, conflict resolution style, transitioning to bigger roles.  Each time she has guaranteed complete confidentiality to the employees yet coached them on needed conversations with their managers as well as what steps they need to take to improve their work/life satisfaction.  We aren't privy to exactly what happens during coaching but we see the results over and over again.   We have viewed this as an investment in our employees' lives and an investment in our bottom line.  The ROI on bringing a coach on board is better than sending employees to high cost "seminars" that don't get to the root cause.  Additionally, Annie has learned a lot about our company culture and how to best coach our employees.  We will continue to use her services and expertise going forward.

~M, President. Fortune 500 Company

Annie, thanks so much for working with me over the last few months.  The opportunity for coaching came when I thought I was doing ok…I didn’t have a firm need identified and I questioned whether or not I really needed it.  It was after about session 2 or 3 that I realized how much better things could be once I started applying the tools, the advice, and quite frankly you and your approach in my life. It turns out, I DID have a need, I was just too busy trying to “survive” the day to day to realize it.  I have used the tools and our conversations during highs and lows over the last few months and it has truly helped guide me through what could have been a much rockier time.  Thank you so much for inspiring me to think through and approach my career and my family life differently. Your coaching has been truly impactful.”

~ S.M., Director, Talent Management, S&P 500 Corp.

I have had a number of outstanding mentors, managers and friends over my professional career who have helped me tremendously.  I don’t know if I would have self-identified myself as needing coaching.  I didn’t really understand what coaching was and I didn’t know how much I needed it until I had it.  It is a very unique experience that isn’t anything like mentoring as I’d assumed.  It gave me the support and self-confidence to navigate the hardest 12 months of my personal life and professional career, and gave me tools I can use in calmer times too.  Coaching has made me a more engaged and motivated employee.  It is also a tool I will use as a leader when I identify someone who may benefit from coaching in the future.  I feel tremendously grateful for the gift of coaching and for having Annie in my life. 

  ~NJA, VP/GM, Fortune 500 Corp.

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