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Power to the Poet

August 9, 2017

"A poet is someone
who can pour light into a cup,
then raise it to nourish
your beautiful, parched, holy mouth." ~Hafiz


A novel idea: You can use your own poetry to heal internal wounds. And who knows, your poetry may help heal others' wounds, too. I think the hardest part is quieting your inner critic, and writing the first line.



The Mirror’s Tale
by annamarie pedersen


I remember…

the night you took all those pills
couldn’t focus on my face
but still wanted to smash it.
just too afraid to have one more
ounce of bad luck.


I remember
seeing your skeleton
when you dropped thirty pounds
because you blamed yourself
hated yourself
had to hurt yourself.

I watched you
in the midnight hours
tears falling
hard on the bathroom sink
washing your heart and soul
down the drain.


I watched all that pain.
and I stood there
when you shouted obscenities at me
spit at me
shook your fist at me.


I remember
I remember the day we
shouted in unison
so shrill that the glass between
us broke and we were



Note: I posted this on my first blog when I owned and operated Keystone Counseling.  I wrote this poem thirteen years ago about a time in my 20's (which is now about 20 years ago).   Through crafting this poem, I discovered the strength I had way back then.  I felt powerful in writing these words and

releasing the final, leftover strands of pain from way back then.  


I challenge you to think about the words that move you, that heal you, that shine light into crazy places and make you feel like dancing or crying or laughing.  Stories, songs, poems bring us into the realm of the divine if we let them seep into our marrow.  Breaking open in this way can be scary.  But the alternative is to stay tightly wound up in unbearable and unrealistic expectations.  


Let yourself feel.  Let yourself delight in creativity - your own and that of others.  




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