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Sandra Storoni

Sandra is our Program Manager and also Annie’s Executive Assistant. Sandra helps Annie and the team keep on top of all the administration that goes into running a coaching business and all of our various coaching programs. Sandra is from Scotland but has been living in Luxembourg for the past 16 years. (Just in case you are not sure where Luxembourg is, it is a tiny country in Europe bordering Belgium, France and Germany!)


Sandra spent many years working in France for travel companies in various operational roles, before deciding to drop her bags in Luxembourg. She worked for 11 years as an Executive Assistant/Office for a large International Corporation before deciding to set up her own Virtual Assistant business, Paperweight PA, which she founded in 2018.  Sandra is passionate about helping Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners grow their business and keep on top of all the day-to-day administration.  She particularly enjoys supporting female business owners, as loves to see women supporting other women!


Annie and Sandra connected through a Facebook group in 2018 and have been collaborating ever since. Sandra has just recently taken on a larger role as Program Manager so as to allow Annie and her team to focus on what they do best – coaching!


Sandra has an SHND in Bi-lingual Secretarial Studies, a Post Graduate Degree in Purchasing & Logistics. She speaks French, a bit of German and is currently trying to learn Luxembourgish too!  In her free time, you will find her out hiking, cycling, or taking photographs.

You can find out more about Sandra by visiting

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