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Coaching You Forward

Life is good.  You feel mostly on the right path.  

But, there is still this itch you can't quite reach or scratch.

Work is good.  You feel pretty ok with where you're headed.  

But, you want something more or different.  Maybe.


Just when you are ready to leap, in life or in work, something blocks you.  

And that pattern is getting old.  So old, you are over it already.


You are ready to explore your world and yourself on a deeper level

so you can confidently leap into what's next.
You are ready to lead. Lead your best life. Lead others.  

You are ready to change.  
Change the conscious and subconscious patterns
that keep you stuck.


At Annie Ricci Coaching we help you discover and draw on your unique strengths to do just that.  
Explore. Lead. Change. 


Sat on the Rocks
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With over 11 years of experience in Leadership & Executive coaching, I have successfully coached clients to lean into their unique journies, 
discover their own superpowers, and close the authenticity gap.

Click here to discover more about my journey.



Discover. Design. Dream. 

Discover your unique superpowers and find ways to let them shine through in all you touch.

Design your own tool box full of practical, effective skills that move you past mental and
behavioral roadblocks that keep you from getting greater traction on your journey.  

Dream your biggest dream and develop a do-able plan to bring it to life.

Sat on the Rocks


Leverage. Lean. Love. 

Leverage your talents, passions, and strengths to create whatever it is you want to create such as:
a business, a new profession, a rockin' team at your current job.
Lean into your challenges and growth opportunities with curiosity rather than fear and worry.

Love - view any situation through the lens of love and feel how it shifts your response and
changes the response of those around you.



Tease. Track. Telescope.

Tease out the nuances and issues relevant to your change, let go of the rest.
Track success and celebrate it.
Telescope out to get a view from the 10,000 ft mark.  In other words, keep the
bigger picture in perspective.

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Don't wait any longer to explore, lead and change.  Contact me today to schedule a complimentary session and discover how coaching is the app that will change your world.

Bigfork, Montana


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“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”


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